Hello! My name is


, and I make stuff happen.


Illustration and Branding

Illustration & Branding

Strong conceptual pre-design brainstorming and sketching leading to well communicated marketing and brand stragegy. Various techniques used including drawing, digital painting, vector, and collage.

Layout and Production

Layout & Production

Layout of singlepage to multipage documents that contain text, images and multimedia. Documents include brochures, pamphlets, newspapers and catalogs.


Web & Mobile

Design and developement of websites and web apps using HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript with a working knowledge of PHP. Can impliment Wordpress in existing site or create custom template.

Other stuff

Other Stuff!

Other skills I have include: image retouching and manipulation, product photography, video shooting and editing and minor 3d work. If there is something I have not listed, ask me about it!